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Comprehensive Neurochemical Profiling of Brain Tissue Samples

Team TFS
Team TFS
The ability to measure low levels of many different
neurochemicals simultaneously is problematic due to
detector sensitivity and the chromatographic challenge
of resolving analytes with similar chemical structures.
Most of the biogenic amines and metabolites can be
oxidized electrochemically so the use of electrochemical
detection is routine for the analysis of these compounds.
Chromatographic techniques have advanced over the
years, however, even with the use of UHPLC columns
and gradient elution techniques, baseline resolution of the
common neurochemicals still remains difficult due to the
constraints of current electrochemical detectors. A new,
modular, four-channel electrochemical array detector
makes profiling biogenic amines and acid metabolites in
brain tissue samples using UHPLC easier and faster.
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