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Comparison of online pre-concentration and direct injection volumes for the quantification of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in water with Orbitrap™ high resolution mass spectrometry

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Blackburn M, Beck JR, Akervik K, McHale KJ.
Scientific Poster
Automated pre-concentration is an established technique that enables lower detection limits as well as automate time consuming sample preparation. The new combination of pre-concentration system EquanMax™ and Exactive™ and will make it possible to apply a extensive screening of water samples with HRMS accurate mass analysis. The muliplevalves of the system means no need to change loop or plumbing. The results show good linearity for the direct analysis as well as the data obtained with pre-concentration on line. Because of applying more material to the system more sensitivity thus lower LOD can be achieved.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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