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Team TFS
Team TFS

Chromeleon CDS Social.jpgHave a question about how Thermo Fisher Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) can simplify analyses and enable you to use your MS like any other detector? Check out these how-to videos and stay tuned to AnalyteGuru for more topics like this. 


Video #1: How to use Mass Spectral Plots 


The interactive Mass Spectral Plot provides fast access to your mass spectra. With it, you can easily see and compare spectra from selected peaks, any time point in the chromatogram, reference spectra, library matches or average spectra. See how it works.


Video #2: How to create extracted ion chromatograms (XIC) 


In Chromeleon CDS, the creation of extracted ion chromatograms is very simple. You can either interactively select the masses or mass ranges in the Mass Spectral Plot or manually perform an extraction directly from your data. See how it works. 


Video #3: How to use channel-centric data viewing – MS Quantitative channel 


In mass spectrometry, components are typically quantitated using one or more specific masses or mass ranges. These settings are different for each component. Chromeleon CDS uses an intelligent Quantitation channel to automatically view and process all components based on their quantitation ions. The MS Quantitation channel allows easy visualization and quantitation of all components. See how it works.



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