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Breaking the 2000-Protein Barrier in a Standard LC Run Using a New Orbitrap Benchtop Instrument and Multiple Search Engines

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Paschke C, Kellmann M, Xuan Y, Damoc E, Ueckert T, Grensemann H, Comberg U, Delanghe B.
Scientific Poster
Getting a comprehensive view of the protein content of a complex sample is still a challenge in proteomics; accomplishing it in one analytical run even more so. A lot of efforts have been made the last few years to increase the speed and sensitivity of instruments . Here we describe a combination of a new instrument and data analysis using multiple search engines and proper statistical validation to maximize the number of true positive peptide-spectrum matches (PSMs), distinct peptides and protein groups.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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