Breaking Through Lab Barriers: Unplanned Downtime

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Breaking Through Lab Barriers: Unplanned Downtime

Team TFS
Team TFS

042022 CTL Business Development-1.jpgUnplanned downtime is a challenge for every busy laboratory, but the root cause may not always be clear. That’s why you need a strategic, collaborative partner to help you review your entire end-to-end workflow processes, identify any underlying factors that may be contributing to downtime and offer effective options to mitigate them.  


What could be causing my unplanned downtime? 

There could be many reasons for unplanned downtime — and some may not be immediately obvious. To help determine underlying issues that may lead to unexpected downtime, it’s wise to ask yourself these questions and discuss them with your Thermo Fisher Scientific partner: 

  • How old is my instrument in light of how much its being used? 
  • Does my staff have recurring training to stay up-to-date on methods, software and instrumentation? 
  • Do I have an appropriate plan and timeline for upgrading my laboratory assets? 
  • Are my storage requirements adequate for my testing requirements? 
  • Is my laboratory design helping to maximize throughput and workflow? 
  • Have my methods been reviewed recently for optimization and compliance? 
  • Does my service agreement meet the true needs of my lab? 
  • Am I using my lab assets to their full potential? 
  • Are my software and CPU up to date and integrated? 


How does a collaborative, strategic partner help? 

Pull quote CTL2.jpgAn experienced strategic partner can review your entire end-to-end process workflow and recommend system upgrades, storage solutions, training, laboratory design changes and other solutions to improve sample throughput and reduce your unplanned downtime. A long-term customer partnership and timely technical support can also ensure the instruments continually offer reliable performance in busy testing facilities with higher sample throughput, reducing downtime and strain on analysts. 


By partnering with a collaborative partner like Thermo Fisher, you’ll get personalized support that includes instrument trials, method optimization, performance testing and assurance that sensitivity requirements are met—all of which increase your team’s confidence in the new technology. You’ll also receive technical support along every step of the upgrade—from instrument setup and method optimization to in-person training. 


If unplanned downtime is your concern, it pays to have a collaborative partner that leaves no stone unturned.  


Struggling with unplanned downtime? Here are three ways to take action: 

  1. Contact your local account representative, Account Relationship Manager or Customer Success Manager. 
  2. Post a question below. 
  3. Request support via our Contact Us form. 


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