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CTL Business Development-3-THROUGHPUT.jpgIf your growing laboratory needs to increase sample throughput, you may think your best bet is to purchase faster instrumentation. And that may be partially true, but there are many things to consider. It’s wise to ask yourself (and your account representative) a few questions, such as:  

  • Is an instrument upgrade my only option to increase throughput? 
  • Are there scalable options to help reduce my future risk? 
  • Have I incorporated enough automation to keep up with demand?  

As you pursue these answers, you should also consider the far-reaching effects of a collaborative partnership — a strategic relationship with a proven expert who can review your entire operation and uncover efficiency gains throughout your lab testing workflow. 


3 ways a strategic partnership can optimize workflow


1. Identification of hidden workflow gaps and bottlenecks 
By taking a holistic view of your end-to-end laboratory operations, a strategic partner like Thermo Fisher Scientific can help you spot areas of improvement in all three areas of your testing process, as well as the efficient flow of samples between them. Our knowledge, experience and solutions cover essential areas like the following, but can also delve into other areas where your lab may need assistance.  

  • Pre-analysis – sample receiving, storage and handling, service and support 
  • Analysis – lab information and data management, sample treatment, extraction and preparation, sample analysis, service and support 
  • Post-analysis – information management, data analysis, quality control and compliance, sample storage 

2. Expert guidance for business development 
Before samples arrive in the receiving dock, there are thousands of decisions made that impact the outcome of sample analysis. Facilities must be planned, utilities installed, laboratories assembled, and equipment purchased. Amid the complexity of lab startup or expansion, a partner prepared with the right resources and foresight is invaluable. Thermo Fisher Scientific has end-to-end laboratory development capabilities with unmatched scale and depth of portfolio to transform your plans into accomplished objectives. Our experience and solutions can help with laboratory planning, technology funding, workflow development, operator safety and information management — or even guidance to take on workloads from other labs. 


3. Resourceful planning for laboratory expansion 
With growth comes risk. Whether it’s keeping pace with customer demands or exploring new markets, a strategic partner helps protect your business and adds stability to your venture. Our investments in 5,000+ scientists and engineers and more than $1 billion in R&D assures a reliable and effective solution is available at the right time. Our ongoing investment is your resource for future achievements, empowering you to move forward with confidence. Our expertise covers managed growth from all angles, including but not limited to laboratory expansion planning, instrument and software upgrades, and continued training. 


Want to learn more about the power of a collaborative partnership? 

  1. Contact your local account representative, account relationship manager or customer success manager. 
  2. Post a question below. 
  3. Request support via our Contact Us form. 


Explore our Contract Testing Labs landing page: 


Learn more about support for vertical markets: 


Read success stories: See how an integrated partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific has enabled contract testing laboratories to expand, increase productivity, and produce unparalleled results for clients. 


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