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Applications of Native MS and High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for the Characterization of Biotherapeutic Molecules

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Sandoval W

In this upcoming webinar, Wendy Sandoval from Genentech discusses the excellent resolving power of an orbital ion trap mass spectrometer to interrogate biomolecular complexes and other pharmacological moieties through traditional intact molecular mass determinations under partially denaturing conditions paired with native mass spectrometry. This combination of analyses has facilitated process improvements for a plethora of antibody engineering exercises including single cell co-expression of bispecific antibody products by the low level detection of mispaired species. Native mass spectrometry also has been utilized for visualizing non-covalent higher molecular weight half antibody combinations and for observing antigen binding to bispecifics to infer quantities of doubly mispaired species that would otherwise be unresolvable by molecular mass. Finally, she will show the qualitative analysis of binding affinities of small molecule inhibitors to their target enzymes.
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