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Application Proof Note: Determination of High Sugar Concentrations in a Scotch Liqueur Sample Using a Compact Ion Chromatography System

Scientific Advocate II
Scientific Advocate II
This application proof note demonstrates the determinations of glucose,
fructose, and sucrose in a 100-fold diluted alcoholic beverage sample by
HPAE-PAD. Typically, samples with g/L concentrations require greater than
10,000-fold dilutions to remain in the linear range of the very sensitive
HPAE-PAD technique. However, in this proof note, the method is performed
using a Thermo Scientific




system eqipped with a
0.4 μL internal injection loop and the Thermo Scientific

High Concentration
Carbohydrate Analysis Kit
to extend the linearity from low mg/L to g/L
concentrations. A wood hydrolysate application using this technique is
available for reference.
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