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Pesticide analysis.jpgIonic polar pesticides, both anionic and cationic, are some of the most frequently used pesticides in the world. And although they are highly regulated, they present a unique challenge in pesticide analysis, as their polarity does not allow for direct analysis by reversed-phase HPLC.  Thus, alternate analysis methods must be applied.


To stay up to date with new trends in pesticide residue analysis, labs want to know: 

  • What are the common challenges when detecting and analyzing polar pesticide residue in foods, agricultural products, soil and other environmental samples?  
  • How are other labs preparing samples for efficient analytic chromatography? 
  • What are the traditional extraction methods of any given organic sample? 
  • How does the Thermo Scientific IC-MS/MS workflow allow for a more effective polar pesticide residue analysis?  


These are the very questions answered during our recent scientific roundtable called Sample Prep and IC-MS/MS Workflows for Anionic and Cationic Pesticides 


If you missed our October 18 discussion, tune in to the recording 


This session featured leading experts in pesticide residue analysis instrumentation:  

  • Wai-Chi Man, product marketing manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific 
  • Ken Meadows, product manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific 


During the discussion, these workflow experts covered four hot topics: 

  • Key components of detecting and analyzing polar pesticide residues 
  • Sample preparations for organic compounds, including food and beverages, agricultural products, soil and environmental samples 
  • Traditional extraction and cleanup methods compared to analysis advances in ion chromatography and  
  • Total solutions for highly polar pesticides with Thermo Scientific IC-MS/MS solutions 


The event included an engaging 20-minute Q&A session. 


Want to hear the discussion and learn more about recent changes with pesticide residue analysis? We encourage you to listen to the recording today. 


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