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Analyzing Isotopes and Elements? How Qtegra ISDS Software Makes Life Easier

Team TFS
Team TFS

Qtegra SDS Software 850.pngIf you’re like most gas isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) laboratories, you often need to switch between different techniques or share instruments across multiple users. It only makes sense to have software that’s not only simple to manage, but also delivers the right decision and visibility tools at the right time. A solution like the Thermo Scientific™ Qtegra™ Intelligent Scientific Data Solution (ISDS) software. Not familiar with this new software? Now’s your chance to learn more. 


Five frequently asked questions 


How does the Qtegra ISDS Software deliver a simpler user experience? 
Qtegra ISDS Software has an intelligent workflow that drives you from sample to result. With the same look and feel across multiple instruments, Qtegra ISDS Software empowers analysts to effectively use their time in the laboratory, even for the most challenging analysis setups. The software has a logical, streamlined interface that enables analysts to flexibly switch between different techniques, saving you time training operators and working with results. 


What if we are running multiple peripheral devices? 
That’s where Qtegra ISDS Software shines. For IRMS systems connected to multiple peripherals, Qtegra ISDS Software allows you to switch seamlessly between the different peripheral devices, scheduling back-to-back runs using different peripheral devices. In addition, the Qtegra LabBook scheduler provides you with the flexibility to decide exactly when you want to perform your IRMS analysis. The measurement can be performed immediately, at desired time or added to a queue of LabBooks. 


Data transparency is paramount. How does Qtegra help us evaluate data? 
We understand that in order to trust your software, you need full assurance of data transparency. Explanations of various method and data evaluation parameters are available within the Qtegra ISDS Software to teach you (and your teams) how the software is operating in the background, enabling you to optimize your analysis to achieve high quality results. For additional insight into your data, the Chromatogram view can be stacked, allowing easy navigation and comparison of individual peaks, or overlayed, allowing better insight for analysis performance and method development.   


What about flexibility in data evaluation? 
Qtegra ISDS Software contains many powerful tools that give you total flexibility to evaluate your data. Samples can be grouped into batches and your data can be evaluated against external reference material, enabling you to perform all your data processing within the software so that it’s fully traceable and transparent for the future. Furthermore, your compounds of interest can be easily labeled by the software’s Click&Identify approach, allowing you to build up your global Compounds library for quick peak identification and data organization. Qtegra ISDS Software also allows you to export all aspects of your data, from chromatograms to system control metadata through to isotope ratio results, providing you with complete ownership of your data. 


Can Qtegra ISDS Software help us prepare for the future? 
Absolutely. Whether you’re challenged with globalization or consolidation, Qtegra ISDS software allows you to expand without adding complexity. It helps you deploy in a familiar environment by providing a balance between mainstream capabilities and specialized functions. Simply stated, you can focus on the immediate task while creating awareness of greater possibilities. 


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