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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Crone C, Genin E, Muenster H.
Scientific Poster
Purpose: Analysis of a complex lipid extract using high resolution accurate mass LC-MS with fast polarity switching and HCD fragmentation. Methods: On-line LC-MS using a stand-alone Orbitrapmass spectrometer. Results: Accurate mass data of different lipid species within various different lipid classes can be obtained in both positive and negative ionization modes in a single LC-MS experiment. The ability to perform full scans MS and MS/MS scans in both polarity modes at very high resolution ensures accurate mass measurements independent of the polarity. This provides fast, precise and unambiguous identification of the lipid classes as well as the individual lipid species. Operation of the instrument in the alternating positve / negative mode saves time without sacrificing analytical performance.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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