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Advances in bioanalytical LC–MS using the Orbitrap mass analyzer

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Scigelova M, Makarov A.
Bioanalysis. 2009 Jul;1(4):741-54.
The continuing desire to analyze complex biological samples with the minimum number of steps places high demands on increasing speed, dynamic signal range, quantitative capability and the facility with which the mass spectrometers can interface with chromatographic separation methods. Reliable identification of metabolites in complex mixtures requires robust mass spectrometers with high resolving power, mass accuracy, sensitivity and dynamic range, while tandem MS is an invaluable tool for further structural characterization. This review begins with a discussion of the key properties of the Orbitrap mass analyzer: mass accuracy, resolution, fidelity of isotope pattern abundancies and dynamic range. The main objective is to provide an overview of Orbitrap applications in the field of bioanalysis. Specific areas of drug metabolism, doping control and food contaminants are discussed in detail illustrating the performance and versatility of the Orbitrap mass analyzer.
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