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A “Universal” data-dependent mass spectrometry method that eliminates time-consuming method optimization for achieving maximal identifications from each sample

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Eliuk S, Soltero N, Remes P, Scheffler K, Senko M, Zabrouskov V.
2014 Poster and method for software version 1.1 and 1.2 SP1
***Updated 4/15/15 with new instrument method for new software release. Developing optimal methods for samples, particularly those of unknown complexity and/or concentration can be incredibly time and sample consuming. Often, time and sample limit the ability to fully optimize the method and maximize the number of identifications. The Orbitrap Fusion MS, using the Universal Method, is the first mass spectrometer to know more about your samples than you do. The Universal method determines optimal injection times and scan rate on-the-fly depending on the number of precursors available, their intensity, and the available parallelizable time within the system. The Universal method has been developed with and evaluated on complex mixtures (Yeast and HeLa lysates) as well as immunoprecipitations of unknown concentration and complexity.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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