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A Strategy for an Unknown Screening Approach on Environmental Samples using HRAM Mass Spectrometry

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Scheibner O, van Baar P, Wode F, Dünnbier U , Akervik K, Humphries J, Bromirski M
RAFA 2013 Poster
Purpose: Run a General Unknown Screening approach in an automated fashion. Methods: Surface water samples form the city of Berlin, Germany were analyzed in full scan / AIF mode with a Thermo Scientific™ Exactive Plus™ mass spectrometer and analyzed in a widely automated workflow using Thermo Scientific TraceFinder™ 3.1 and Thermo Scientific SIEVE™ 2.1 software. Results: Differences in the load of contaminants could be easily determined in the different samples; Easy detection and identification of a significant number of contaminants could be achieved.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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