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A Strategy for an Unknown Screening Approach on Environmental Samples Using HRAM Mass Spectrometry

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Scheibner O, van Baar P, Wode F, Dünnbier U, Akervik K, Humphrie J, Bromirski M.
ASMS 2013 Poster
Purpose: Run a general unknown screening approach in an automated fashion. Methods: Surface water samples form the city of Berlin, Germany, were analyzed in full scan/AIF mode with a Thermo Scientific™ Exactive™ Plus mass spectrometer and analyzed in a widely automated workflow using Thermo Scientific™ TraceFinder™ 3.1 and Thermo Scientific™ SIEVE™ 2.1 software. Results: Differences in the load of contaminants could be easily determined in the different samples. Easy detection and identification of a significant number of contaminants was achieved.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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