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Team TFS
Team TFS
The rapidly growing biofuel industry has a need for a fast, robust approach for the analysis of carbohydrate contents in biomass samples. The CarboPac® SA10 column is a new porous, strong anion-exchange column developed to provide superior separations for biofuel sugars. The innovative column design allows fast, high-resolution separations of mono- and disaccharides. Eight common biofuel sugars are separated on this column within 7 min; significantly faster than any other existing methods. By using a 0.4 μL injection valve and a thicker ED gasket, quantitative analysis of high-con- centration corn stover hydralysate sample can be achieved on this column after just 100 fold sample dilution. The column can also be used for efficient carbohydrate separations in other fields, including food and beverage, and biotech/pharmacutical industries.
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