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Team TFS

Earth Day.jpgSustainability is important to us all—to scientific research laboratories, to people around the globe, and also to Thermo Fisher. As we continue to celebrate Earth Month 2022, here are some of the many ways our teams work to reduce our environmental footprint, invest in our planet and demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.  


  1. We’re leading the revolution in green mass spectrometry – The Thermo Scientific™ DELTA Q™ Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS) is the world’s first net-zero mass spectrometer. All emissions associated with the manufacture and transport of the DELTA Q IRMS are removed from the atmosphere through combination of short- (50+ years), medium- (800+ years) and long-term (10,000+ years) carbon dioxide removal projects, helping you meet your net zero targets.  

    More about the DELTA Q IRMS: For expanding analytical needs for IRMS applications, the Thermo Scientific DELTA Q IRMS is designed to be seamlessly connected with a wide range of Thermo Scientific™ peripherals, aimed at supporting varying investigations including food authenticity, criminal and environmental forensics, doping control, and scientific research. Learn more. 


  1. We’re committed to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. We’re building on this ambition with IsoFootprint—a new initiative launched by our Inorganic Mass Spectrometry (IOMS) team to set the pathway toward true net-zero. The aim of IsoFootprint is to remove 100 percent of CO2 emissions associated with Thermo Fisher IOMS products and their supply chain by 2030, through investment in a range of carefully selected, high-quality carbon dioxide removal projects. Read more about IsoFootprint.
  2. We’re working to decarbonize our factories. The IsoFootprint campaign runs in parallel to work started by the Green Committee in Bremen, who are decarbonizing the Bremen factory and the products manufactured there. Such decarbonizing measures include making the Bremen factory a supplier of renewable energy to the grid and running projects for recycling, energy management, instrument production and mobility. Watch a video about the Green Committee work at the Bremen factory.


Learn more about Thermo Fisher sustainability efforts


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