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Pharma & Biopharma

No molecule too large or too small for this forum. Scientists, researchers and analysts are all welc...

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Food & Beverage

No one in this forum eats or thinks alone! Whether you are testing for contaminants or developing a ...

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A discussion forum for individuals involved in the analysis of environmental samples. Ask questions,...

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Proteomics and metabolomics bring questions to mind? Ask, tell and express your thoughts or proteins...

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All industrial, manufacturing and processing application discussions are welcome here. Network with ...

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Network with others uncovering Earth's mysteries. Geoscientists know the power of analytical measure...

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Software & Data Systems

Take control of your data analysis by networking with other analysts. Learn how they work through ch...

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Mass Spectrometry

Mass-to-charge ratio your thing? This is the hub for you. Join in the discussion to exchange ideas a...

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Liquid Chromatography

Seeking superior liquid chromatography separations? You're in the right place. Join liquid chromatog...

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Ion Chromatography

Ion analysis is made better by collaboration. Meet others analyzing cations and anions and learn fro...

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Gas Chromatography

If analyzing compounds that are vaporized makes you smile, this is the space for you. Join other pee...

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Elements & Isotopes

If signatures bring isotopes to mind, this forum is for you. Explore and discuss the use of isotopes...

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近日,为了庆祝 Vanquish Flex UHPLC国产化,赛默飞开启了‘中国质量’见证官活动。 为了让线上见证官们同样能享受到见证官专属福利,现推出拼搭积木挑战游戏!参与互动的前20名,将获得Vanquish Flex UHPLC 拼搭积木一份! 活动规则: 1. 注册并登陆AnalyteGuru社区 2. 在此活动贴,回复“见证中国质量的诞生”。 3. 按照回复时间的前20名,我们将私信您,届时请您提供寄送信息,以便寄送奖品(仅限寄送地址为中国的用户参与) 4. 回帖分享那你的拼搭成果,并...

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