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Pharma & Biopharma

No molecule too large or too small for this forum. Scientists, researchers and analysts are all welc...

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Food & Beverage

No one in this forum eats or thinks alone! Whether you are testing for contaminants or developing a ...

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A discussion forum for individuals involved in the analysis of environmental samples. Ask questions,...

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Proteomics and metabolomics bring questions to mind? Ask, tell and express your thoughts or proteins...

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All industrial, manufacturing and processing application discussions are welcome here. Network with ...

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Network with others uncovering Earth's mysteries. Geoscientists know the power of analytical measure...

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Software & Data Systems

Take control of your data analysis by networking with other analysts. Learn how they work through ch...

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Mass Spectrometry

Mass-to-charge ratio your thing? This is the hub for you. Join in the discussion to exchange ideas a...

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Liquid Chromatography

Seeking superior liquid chromatography separations? You're in the right place. Join liquid chromatog...

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Ion Chromatography

Ion analysis is made better by collaboration. Meet others analyzing cations and anions and learn fro...

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Gas Chromatography

If analyzing compounds that are vaporized makes you smile, this is the space for you. Join other pee...

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Elements & Isotopes

If signatures bring isotopes to mind, this forum is for you. Explore and discuss the use of isotopes...

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Activity in Scientific Communities

Soft restart of Fusion Electronics

Hello - As we all live in a more virtual world now - I was wondering if anyone has come across any tricks to send a soft restart message to a Thermo Fusion Lumos that has lost communications. We are running with Tune 3.4.3072.18, and sometimes just l...

Advances in detection of adulteration in food and beverage

Hi everyone!We need to recognize how important is the technological development of analytical instrumentation in detecting and preventing hazards such as food adulteration. In a recent work we have done, we used LC and IRMS to lower the detection lim...

dapsom by Involved Contributor
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IC instruments made for problem solvers

Hello! Did you know we offer an unsurpassed combination of products, support and solutions to address your current application needs and give you the confidence to meet tomorrow’s challenges? Learn about our IC innovations.

Gegnome by Team TFS
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What's the most efficient, Low interaction, blockchain system(s) a person can potentially create, with A Few "good"computers and a stable Ethernet( this question is for me personally(me and my wife/kids) future. We are trying to break free of the cor...

CrypticC by Involved Contributor
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Can LC/MS detect COVID?

Studies on recombinant proteins have demonstrated the ability of Thermo Scientific's Vanquish MD HPLC and TSQ Altis MD to reliably and quickly detect six different COVID peptides from digested protein samples. Workflows were designed to mimic sample ...

Richard by Team TFS
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Lab of the Future

We did an extensive survey about a year ago and found out that quality, flexibility, and growth were the main motivators for companies to embark on a lab of the future journey. "Quality" meaning the ability to get same results in any lab, at all time...

Md13 by Team TFS
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PTV vs. narrow ID splitless injection

Hi. I am curious to hear others experience between the use of programable temperature vaporization and splitless injection using narrow ID liners. Have have seen remarkable enhancements in sensitivity using narrow ID splitless liners, particularly wi...

Do you use YouTube for how-to-videos?

I learnt from my daughter last week about How-to-videos.Do you know there are "wrong" videos and there are "good and correct" videos?To make sure you cut the PEEK tubing correctly, install suppressors and EGC cartridges correctly and more...please go...


Resolved! Real-Time Search & Real-Time Library Search Small Group?

Are you a current end user of Real-Time Search for proteomics on Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid MS, or Real-Time Library Search for small molecules on Orbitrap IQ-X Tribrid MS? Looking to form a small group discussion to share tips & tricks, methods, etc. ...

Microbiological environmental samples on production surfaces

Hello, I'm trying to set a baseline as to what a maximum APC should be in regards to surfaces that come into contact with products made where I work that are consumed. They are not ready to eat products, and after a hygienic cleaning, the areas are r...

tbuhlig by Involved Contributor
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