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NEW - Automated UHPLC method development, from method scouting to robustness testing

Team TFS
Team TFS

Read the new application note titled Automated UHPLC method development for mebendazole and related impurities, from method scouting to robustness testing. You can develop, optimize and test methods easily with integrated data collection.

 Application benefits
·      The Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ UHPLC Method Development system in combination with ChromSword Chromeleon Connect enables automated and unattended method development.
·      The proposed method development workflow for the analysis of mebendazole and related impurities considerably reduces method development time and cost.
·      The complete workflow includes method scouting, method optimization, and method robustness testing.
·      The AutoRobust module of ChromSword Chromeleon Connect provides the robust region to afford assurance of quality of the final method via the design space between method parameters.

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