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NEW Mass Frontier 8.1 released

Team TFS
Team TFS

I'm excited to announce the release of Mass Frontier 8.1. The team has worked hard to add additional customer requested features and continue improving and expanding the outstanding fragmentation library. 

Here are some of the newest improvements:

  • New Sledgehammer fragmentation algorithm 
    • More coverage for negatively charged compounds
    • Increased fragmentation schemes
    • Added fragmentation mechanic
    • More relevant predicted fragments 
  • Revised structure editor 
    • Custom adducts 
    • Multiple charges 
    • Import using SMILES ID
  • Improved data manager 
    • Quick filter 
    • Copy to new mzCloud library 
    • Import/Export multiple compounds to single a single file
  • GC-MS Support
    • Component detection 
    • RI filtering and search

Want to learn more? check out the Mass Frontier webpages 

Mass Frontier Homepage


Want a 60 day trial of Mass Frontier 8.1?


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