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Hello to all the Guru, Is anyone willing to share the latest progress in metabolomics?

Involved Contributor
Involved Contributor

I look forward to communicating with more GURU and looking forward to your discussion😁


Team TFS
Team TFS

Hi, welcome to the OMICS community .

One hot topic in the metabolomics community right now is the need for  standardized protocols and so  quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) measures are becoming more apparent.  There are task forces in the metabolomics community trying to address this topic. 

We have collaborated with them to put together an ebook published by The Scientist, where leading researchers in this field are now developing guidelines for standardized QA/QC measures to ensure data reliability across workflows and laboratories.  Attached is the link, I hope you will find it useful


Team TFS
Team TFS

Here is a paper that was published last May 2020 that might be of interest to you with metabolomics from University of Oxford:

Anion-exchange chromatography mass spectrometry provides extensive coverage of primary metabolic pat... 


#ion_chromatography, #ICMS, #ICMSMS, #metabolomics

Thanks for sharing.  Yes, the topic of comprehensive analysis of compounds in metabolomics is a current and challenging topic still . Given the chemical diversity of compounds, selecting a separation/chemistry technique , whether it be LC (RP or HILIC) , IC, or GC already means you have biased your study towards those compounds amenable to that mode of separation .  So in the example above, if you focus on a target class of compounds , then you have to think of a technique that gives you the strongest retention/separation , such as the primary metabolites in this example .  If you are after as much unbiased coverage as possible, then you may need to choose multiple separation modes such as RP and HILIC if you are using LC .  Still an ongoing challenge in the community .