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single-protein tryptic digest mass spec control datasets

Involved Contributor
Involved Contributor

I'm looking for control datasets, obtained by starting from approximately one protein, whose amino
acid sequence is known, tryptic digesting, and then doing LC/MS, and for which raw data are available.

These would be used for computational methods development (as open source software) and as an aid for judging the feasibility of certain experiments.

I've searched public repositories and found a couple of examples, but would love to get more.  I'm confident that many thousands of such datasets have been generated, but in general they are not deposited in public databases.

Does anyone have data that they can share?  I'd be happy to collaborate in whatever fashion makes sense.

Thanks very much,

David Jaffe


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @DavidBJaffe - Welcome to our online community. I've sent a note to our teams to see if i can find someone for you to network with or find the information you are seeking. In the meantime, feel welcome to post additional questions in this feed. @FourierTFormer and @julian_saba - Seeking your help on connecting @DavidBJaffe and welcoming him to our community. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@DavidBJaffe I appreicate your patience as we gathered this detail to you. Our team mentioned that like you, we generally look for example datasets in open repositories such as the PRIDE archive and MassIVE. At the moment, we do not have another resource that hosts purified protein LC/MS raw data, but that we will reply again if we find such datasets in the future. Could you let me know if any follow up questions exist? thanks! 

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