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Help an ambitious and young chemical analyst to grow!

Dear Colleagues,I'm Matteo, a 21yo chemical analyst approaching mass spectrometry for the first time. My lab decided to supply me a TSQ8000 EVO, where I've to improve PAH, PCB,Phenols, OCP, HBCD ecc.I'd apprecciate your experience and sense of collab...

Calibration of Orbitrap Velos

Hi,We have an Orbitrap Velos mass spectrometer. We are having trouble calibrating the same, and the data we get is inaccurate. The spray seems to be stable. I have tried cleaning the ion transfer tube, changing LC solvents, and using a new Calmix. Al...

gpandey by Involved Contributor
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Exclusion lists on a Q Exactive HF Orbitrap

I am attempting to add an exclusion list to an analysis I am running with a Q Exactive HF Orbitrap. I ran a series of samples with a Full MS-ddMS2 method that included polarity switching and generated an exclusion list from ions that are above my ddM...

mnewmeyer by Involved Contributor II
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Extended QE HF-X/Lumos ion transfer tube for imaging

Hello, I am working on getting a DESI or LTP imaging system working on our QE HF-X however there seems to be little demand for extended ion transfer tubes since the HF-X came out around the same time commercial DESI sources became unavailable for The...

rsamples by Involved Contributor
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Resolved! Exploris 480 quad cleaning procedure

Hi. I see this question. Our labortary have a Exploris 480. I want to get that procedure or video. Can you send me that procedure or video? ssy8827@naver....

SEO by Involved Contributor II
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Resolved! Exploris 480 quad cleaning procedure

Hi everybody Is there a video or pdf describing the quadrupole cleaning procedure? We have the corresponding kit and the service engineer showed us how it is done, but I'd like to refresh the procedure a bit....any help? Thanks Andrea Armirotti

mzCloud - A State of the Art Mass Spectral Library

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