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Resolved! Exploris 480 quad cleaning procedure

Hi. I see this question. Our labortary have a Exploris 480. I want to get that procedure or video. Can you send me that procedure or video? ssy8827@naver....

SEO by Involved Contributor II
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Resolved! Exploris 480 quad cleaning procedure

Hi everybody Is there a video or pdf describing the quadrupole cleaning procedure? We have the corresponding kit and the service engineer showed us how it is done, but I'd like to refresh the procedure a bit....any help? Thanks Andrea Armirotti

Incorporating lock masses with Q Exactive HF

We perform routine mass calibrations on our Q Exactive HF system--at least every five days but often more frequently--but do not typically incorporate lock masses in our methods. In an analysis run on a calibration day, we can achieve acceptable mass...

mnewmeyer by Involved Contributor
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Soft restart of Fusion Electronics

Hello - As we all live in a more virtual world now - I was wondering if anyone has come across any tricks to send a soft restart message to a Thermo Fusion Lumos that has lost communications. We are running with Tune 3.4.3072.18, and sometimes just l...

Chris-Brown by Involved Contributor
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Resolved! Real-Time Search & Real-Time Library Search Small Group?

Are you a current end user of Real-Time Search for proteomics on Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid MS, or Real-Time Library Search for small molecules on Orbitrap IQ-X Tribrid MS? Looking to form a small group discussion to share tips & tricks, methods, etc. ...

IofEyes1 by Team TFS
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