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Issues with Exploris control using Chromeleon

Involved Contributor
Involved Contributor

We are using Chromeleon 7.2.10 ES to control our Exploris 120 and are encountering two separate problems:


Problem 1 occurs when the Exploris is configured with our Thermo Vanquish LC stack in Chromeleon Configuration Manager.  We have noticed that after about 20 injections have been completed (acquiring MS data with a single mass range only, no MS-MS), Chromeleon slows down when we try to view data or make changes to a sequence.  20 injections corresponds to about 10 GB of data which we are saving directly onto a local 1 TB SSD drive.  Our PC has been upgraded to 32 GB of RAM.


Problem 2 occurs when the Exploris is externally triggered using "Remote Inject" in the Chromeleon Configuration Manager.  We can view the data while the instrument is acquiring data (single mass range, no MS-MS), and can continue to view and manipulate the data for a few minutes after the instrument has moved on to the next injection.  About 2-5 minutes after the injection is completed, a red X appears in the injection thumbnail and the data is no longer viewable.  Exporting the sequence doesn't work either.  The data seems to be there, but corrupted.


If anyone out there is using Chromeleon to acquire HiRes MS data and has encountered anything like the above please let me know.  Also, if you have been successfully operating in this configuration, please let me know the version of Chromeleon that you have been using.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @SM and welcome to the community! I'm wondering if @FourierTFormer  may have some advice for you.  In the meantime, you may want to check out the Thermo Fisher Knowledge Base or Instruments & Enterprise Services. 

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