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Seeking superior liquid chromatography separations? You're in the right place. Join liquid chromatographers here to frame discussions and to take your next U/HPLC analysis to the next level.
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All-New HPLC Learning Center 👩🏽‍🔬

Are you looking for trusted expert resources to learn more about HPLC? From how HPLC systems work, the types of applications plus tips on method development & transfer, our new learning center is perfect for you! Packed with educational videos, downl...


Charged Aerosol Detection Optimization

Optimizing the analyte response of your charged aerosol detector is the #1 way to improve data reliability. You can download our Charged aerosol detection - factors affecting uniform analyte response.

Nano LC-MS Podcast

Is LC really a must for MS? Listen to Alex from Thermo Scientific in episode 1 of our podcast with LCGC to hear why MS can't exist without LC.

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mzCloud - A State of the Art Mass Spectral Library

A freely searchable collection of high resolution accurate mass spectra that can be accessed online, free of charge.

AppsLab Library - Find your method, download and run.
AppsLab Library  is a fully searchable online, analytical method repository. Try it today!