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What virtual tools would you like to see when shopping for a new HPLC or support after install?

Team TFS
Team TFS

The development of digital and virtual tools for shopping and support of products, has been a focus for many over the years but has been accelerated as a result of the pandemic. We've all seen advancements and improvements in our online experience in our day-to-day lives: the ability to shop and customize your car online, using augmented reality for seeing a piece of furniture in your house, and even taking virtual tours of famous museums and places around the work – all from the comfort from your computer or smart device.

We’ve developed a lot of new tools to help users learn more about our HPLC products like 3D product tours to learn about highlighted features and technology, an HPLC system configurator to build your own LC to get more accurate quotes in minutes, and even a virtual demo highlighting the advantages of an adjustable gradient delay volume for method transfer.


  • What digital and virtual tools would you find helpful when deciding to purchase an HPLC instrument?
  • What digital tools would make your life easier after the instrument is in your lab?
mzCloud - A State of the Art Mass Spectral Library

A freely searchable collection of high resolution accurate mass spectra that can be accessed online, free of charge.