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Team TFS
Team TFS

Overview: mzCloud™ is a robust mass spectral database that assists analysts in identifying compounds in areas such as life sciences, metabolomics, pharmaceutical research, toxicology, forensic investigations, environmental analysis, food control and various industrial applications. mzCloud features a freely searchable collection of high-resolution/accurate mass spectra using a new-third generation spectra correlation algorithm.


Value: What sets this tool apart from others? mzCloud considers all mass spectrometry-related aspects, by looking at a number of experimental and computational details and continues to build off of the unknowns, even if they’re not present in the library.


Accessible on iOS and Android apps: mzCloud is the first mass spectral database that can be searched via an iOS or Android app. The spectrum of an unknown compound can be converted to a QR code, scanned using the mzCloud app and matched against high quality reference spectra in mzCloud. The hit list displays compounds sorted according to the three scoring algorithms of user choice. The differences between query and library spectra can also be previewed.


Additional benefits: 

  • Spectral trees – intuitively organized multi-stage tandem mass spectra
  • Comprehensive spectral data – a guarantee for correct compound identification
  • Filtered and recalibrated spectra, to harness the spectra reproducibility problem additionally and to control the spectra matching times of rich high-resolution/accuracy mass spectra
  • Structurally annotated spectral peaks using non-trivial in silicio prediction methods, useful for the identification of unknowns
  • Smart substructure search algorithms capable of extracting spectra with common structural scaffolds
  • Rigorously curated data, for consistency and correctness
  • AutoProcessed Library, offering high-throughput processing for high-quality authentic standard fragmentation data.

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