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Team TFS
Team TFS

Accounts & Registration


I currently purchase chromatography products directly from my representative. How can I order the product online?


You will need to register for an account at  Here is some helpful information on registering and some basics of ordering:


I am registered on Am I automatically registered on

No. The two websites run independently of one another. If you do not have an account on, you can register for one here:




What chromatography products are available online?

Most of our chromatography columns, sample preparation, EGCs, suppressors, sample handling products (vials) and other consumables are on


Is there a way to “save” my favorite or most-ordered products?

Yes, using Favorites Lists. Users can create a Favorites List here (requires sign-in). To add products to the list, navigate to a product page and click the star in the far-left column of the product ordering table to add the product to the default Favorites List.


Is stock information available in real time?

Almost! The stock levels shown on the website are updated several times a day, as close to real time as we can get without overloading the system with data requests. Not all SKUs have stock information, as some warehouses may not yet be set up for stock visibility.


Purchasing & Ordering


Is the legal entity the same as my offline orders?

No. The legal entity for is Life Technologies. Legal entity information by country can be found here on


What are the terms and conditions of sale on

Terms and conditions of sale on can be found here.


How do I submit for tax-exempt status (U.S.)?

Once your full account is set up, send your completed tax exemption form to Our team will validate your account and ensure you are exempted from taxes. The request can take 48 hours or more, depending on the volume of requests.


Can I pay with a purchase order?

Yes. Purchase orders or credit cards are accepted upon checkout.


Can I share my list of products with colleagues or other labs? Are there any tools they can use?

Yes. Shared Lists are a great resource for customers. For more information on shared lists, go here.


Our organization uses an eProcurement system to order products. Can we buy from

Yes. We offer eProcurement connections. Find out more here:


I left the website and came back, and now the cart is empty! Where did it go? 

The website saves carts under “Saved Carts” in each account.


How does transferring the cart to another account work?

Instructions on how to transfer a cart are here. During the transfer process, you can add a personal note. Note: The cart no longer shows in the original account once it is transferred.


Order Troubleshooting


I am having trouble at checkout. Who do I contact to help?

For order troubleshooting, Customer Care is your best asset. Call your local customer care team for the fastest response. Customer Care can be reached in multiple ways:


Contact information for customers interested in reaching out to Customer Care directly:

Can I check the status of an order?

You can log into your account to check the status of an order at any time. In addition, a new quick order lookup tool allows anyone to check basic order status; all you need is the order number and the postal/ZIP code.


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