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Team TFS
Team TFS

Are your scientific efforts earning you ongoing rewards? 

Six frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the award-winning Aspire™ Member Program:   

As a scientist, did you know that you have access to an award-winning loyalty program that was designed just for you? With 46,000 members (and counting), this program is our way of showing appreciation to customers at all stages of their career and thanking them for their contributions to science. 


What is the Aspire Member Program? 
The Aspire program is a free program for scientists in the United States and Canada* and is designed to help them achieve their highest scientific aspirations with exclusive resources, free full-size product trials, rewards and more.  

How does it work? 
The program rewards scientists for using or purchasing Thermo Fisher Scientific consumable products. There are multiple ways to earn points within the program. 



During special promotions, qualifying product lines or SKUs may have a points multiplier. 

What are the benefits to members? 
The Aspire program offers four types of exciting rewards: 

  • Free full-size trial product annually*: Choose from over 120,000 different free-trial eligible products.  
  • Career and educational benefits*: Access in-lab application training, lab performance tools, science books, educational materials and more. 
  • Product discounts: Redeem points for discounts off your next order. 
  • Promotional items: You can also redeem points for science-themed apparel, drinkware, notebooks, backpacks, PlayStation™ Now, Xbox Live™ Gold subscriptions and more. 

So I can just get any product I want for free? What’s the catch? 
Yes, as a member you’ll get one free trial product per member year. We want you to try something new! This is why there are over 120,000 free full-size products in the program to choose from. Products that were previously shipped to your account will not be available for trial. Read the program Terms & Conditions here 

How can I register for the program? 
It’s fast and easy! Simply go to Click sign up now and you’ll be prompted to sign in to your existing account or create a new one. Creating a new account on takes about 3-5 minutes. 

What if there are multiple people in the same lab? Do they share a login? 
Everyone in the lab should have their own login so they can earn and manage their own points, and each receives their own free, full-size trial product each year. If multiple members in the lab are using the same product, each individual is eligible to claim that item on their dashboard. Additionally, if a product is purchased by a colleague and you use it as well, you may also claim it for points on your dashboard. Everyone wins!  

I’m already a member. Can I refer a colleague to join? 
Yes, and you’ll get 1,000 bonus points for each of your colleagues who joins! First step is to fill out this referral form and once we’ve confirmed your colleague has joined, the Aspire team will credit your points within 30 days.  

Where can I learn more? 
Learn more at or watch this overview video to learn more!  


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