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Resolved! Conductivity Detector Cell Issue

Dear Community, We had an issue with the conductivity detector, so I am looking for any idea and/or related troubleshooting experience. What happened is that the baseline signal is periodically decrease (up to 0.2 µS) and comes back up over a span of...

5kyul by Involved Contributor II
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Advances in metabolomics using IC-MS

Just in case you missed the IC-MS webinar from James McCullagh talking about metabolomics (Exploring analytical performance and metabolome coverage by IC-MS). We have a case study that he has given me from his point of view about the use of ion chrom...

Resolved! Chemical suppression

Dear Community,For the proper IC configuration very important the right suppression choice.In this case the official guideline is very good: have some ques...

peterjakab by Involved Contributor II
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Resolved! Nitrite determination in domestic wastewater

Dear Community, The goal anion (F, Cl, NO2, NO3, SO4, PO4) analysis in domestic wastewater (particules, hydrophobic matrices) We have to reach LOD 50 ug/L for nitrite, for the others the LODs are higher. I'm thinking about the following, with some qu...

peterjakab by Involved Contributor II
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Resolved! Iodate, periodate by IC

Dear IC Community,I would like measure iodate, periodate.I fould one application (what is no MS detection) for iodate determination, based on IC-PAD (AN37).The Virtual Column Simulator shows coelution for F and IO3 with KOH eluents, and just a minima...

peterjakab by Involved Contributor II
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