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Iodate, periodate by IC

Involved Contributor II
Involved Contributor II

Dear IC Community,

I would like measure iodate, periodate.

I fould one application (what is no MS detection) for iodate determination, based on IC-PAD (AN37).

The Virtual Column Simulator shows coelution for F and IO3 with KOH eluents, and just a minimal separation with carbonate eluents with few columns.

My questions:

- Is it possible to separate inorganic anions and oxohalydes plus IO3, IO4 with IC?

- With eluent, column could be the best choice?

- If the separation is ok, the CD detection enough or prefer to use ED, or MS the only way to determine?

- Is there any application for that task?

Thank you your help!

Best Regards,



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @peterjakab - So glad to see you bringing another question to the community. I will sort some details with the team to help get you connected. @The_Ion_Lady and @chris-shevlin could you help me connect peterjakab with other team members or resources?

Team TFS
Team TFS

Hello @peterjakab ,

Thinking about the other disinfectant byproducts such as chlorate and perchlorate etc. My preference would be the Dionex IonPac AS19 4µm column set (will need HPIC). IC separation is highly influenced by size to charge ratio so the larger they are and more charge they have, the later they will elute so will need very concentration of the eluent. I would with low eluent concentration to help eluent the fluoride then adjust with a gradient so to elute such analytes as perchlorate and periodate. This will likely to come off very late so the highest EGC KOH concentration for awhile at the end.

For non-HPIC, perhaps use the Dionex IonPac AS20 column set.


Both are newer columns to the AN37.

CD can be used but depending on the level/sensitivity you need, I would suggest adding a MS to improve the sensitivity.

ED is a very sensitive detection for redox species so can also work but the species you see will depend on what working electrode you are using.

I hope that can help you decide with some of the new technologies available.



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