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How many ways can you analyze organic acids by ion chromatography?

Team TFS
Team TFS

Organic acid analysis comes up often in ion chromatography. Like, how do you analysis them? How would you do it?

Realistically in the IC world they are organic anions! They can be found in many places from food & beverage to dipping acids and circuit boards, used in Pharma & BioPharma as starting materials or found as impurities and found in waste water.

Many people use ion exclusion Chromatography: Determination of organic acids in animal feeds using two ion chromatography methods

I like to use conductivity with an ion exchange column: Determination of anions on the surface of printed circuit boards by IPC-TM-650 Method 2.3.28 using H...

To be more confirmative, I would add a Mass Spec to it to confirm & maybe to lower levels: IC-MS for the determination of organic acids in pharmaceutical solutions 

Basically, there are different ways to analysis organic acids by IC, we just need to remember to understand the sample matrices the organic acids are in before we pick.

Pick the right column to go with the right analytes: IonPac Column Selection Guide


Just a little funny for the holidays....

"Don't let your organic acid lose an electron! You've got to keep an ion on it!"


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