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Are you a Mass Spec user? Do you do IC-MS or want to know more or just want try it or learn more?

Team TFS
Team TFS

I would like to start an IC-MS User Forum...would you be interested? I know it's a very unique technology.

The group will be for sharing of information and a platform to ask questions from other users: hints & tricks from using it routinely and from a method development stand point. Share your knowledge and understanding in this rather less known technique...let's help others!

Let's work together and find out what it can do for us!

❤️ IC-MS




Team TFS
Team TFS

Yes, I'd be interested in an IC-MS User Forum.  I have IC-MS/MS experience for organic acids, (anionic) metabolomics and HAAs.  But would always like to learn (and share) more.

Thank-you @mchalekj387 . Great to hear. I have also shared this post on LinkedIn and there are several people interested. I know currently the group of IC-MS Users globally is small and very niche compared to LC-MS. It may be small now but it has great potential 😃.