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The New No-compromise Chromeleon 7.3 CDS solution

Chromeleon 7.3 CDS. Built for Enterprise. Built for Productivity. Why Compromise?Bridging the gap between IT standardization pains and lab operational gains, the Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3 Chromatography Data System is the first CDS software to...

Mass Frontier Quick Videos - MF 8.0 SR1

If the video is blurry please click the "HD" at the bottom of the panel to enable HD quality. Here you can find short (<10 minutes), topic specific videos on specific features within Mass Frontier 8.0 SR1. These videos include before starting to use ...

Mass Frontier 8.0 Tutorials

The Tutorials section contain training videos relevant to each version of Mass Frontier. The training videos are <10 minutes long and are topic-specific quick videos. Mass Frontier 8.0 SR1

Introduction to AppsLab Library

AppsLab Library is an online collection of chromatography applications, where you can search, view, and download complete methods for immediate execution in Chromeleon CDS.

Chromeleon 7.2 Overview

Learn how to streamline your laboratory workflow with Operational Simplity™ and Intelligent Functionality. Chromeleon 7.2 CDS, is the first CDS to include quantitative mass spectrometry control and processing in a client/server environment.

Exploring the World of Nanoparticles Analysis

Interest in nanoparticle analysis has increased steadily in the last few years, as uses of engineered nanoparticles in particular are proliferating and their behavior and potential negative effects on the environment and human health are not yet well...

Chromeleon CDS: Operational Security

Chromeleon CDS intelligent Network Failure Protection (NFP) allows operation independent of the network. When the network is down, the unique XVault™ technology keeps instruments running and data accessible for processing ensuring 24/7 uptime.

Chromeleon CDS: Compound Data Import

Chromeleon CDS can quickly create component tables, complete with quantitation and confirmation ion information, by electronically importing information from NIST-based compound databases saving huge amounts of time.

Chromeleon CDS: MS Spectral Plot

The interactive Mass Spectral Plot provides fast access to your mass spectra. Easily show and compare spectra from selected peaks, any time point in the chromatogram, reference spectra, library matches or average spectra.

Chromeleon CDS: SmartStartup

Smart Startup automatically initializes your instrument and sets correct initial instrument conditions for Thermo Scientific Dionex HPLC and IC instruments. It then checks the instrument is properly equilibrated before automatically starting the run.

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