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Expand Your Capabilities Without Getting Boxed In

With the Thermo Scientific™ EA IsoLink™ IRMS platform, your lab performing elemental analysis of diverse samples can leverage the latest EA-IRMS technology and your staff’s existing know-how for expanded carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen and hydrogen ...

Overcoming Challenges of Clumped Isotope Analysis

Due to the small sample size and extensive sample preparation needed, sensitivity and sample utilization are two main challenges for clumped isotopes analysis. When it comes to the system setup for performing the clumped isotope analysis, stable lab ...

Volcano Monitoring

One billion people currently live within 150 kilometers of active volcanos. Ample warnings are needed when an eruption is imminent to safeguard human lives as well as prevent damage to infrastructure, such as supply chains. To get advance warning of ...

Tracing Human Provenance Using Isotope Fingerprints

Using hydrogen and oxygen isotope fingerprints it is possible to understand human movements. This, by extension, has implications for contribution of further evidence to criminal forensic cases, such as homicide, and for anthropological studies looki...

Argon-Argon Dating

Have you ever asked yourself how we can tell when the dinosaurs went extinct? The answers lie in noble gas. The Thermo Scientific Argus VI noble gas mass spectrometer does exactly that. The Argus VI noble gas mass spectrometer performs lightning-fast ...

Doping Control with the Isotope Hunter

Synthetic steroids are almost identical to the endogenous steroids we produce naturally. With isotope fingerprints and IRMS you’ll discern their true identities, quantities, origins, and, most importantly, their legality under World Anti-Doping Agenc...

Welcome to the Isotope Hunter Lab

Tracking origins and tracing identity: the Isotope Hunter follows the clues that history leaves behind in food or fiber, liquid or stone. Capture your samples’ stories with Thermo Scientific’s portfolio of IRMS. Learn more.

Phenotyping – Grow the Perfect Seed

δ13C values of CO2 are fast indicators of water-use efficiency (WUE) and plant response to drought. Determine δ13C photosynthetic discrimination of crop plants—instantly. Shorten research time to develop a top seed for a perfect plant. Reduce time fo...

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