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What Are Haloacetic Acids?: Quick Coffee Break Chat

What are haloacetic acids? With drinking water regulations changing, this is the first in a series of chats on the topic of haloacetic acids: What are they are? Where do they come from and why we must measure them?A Quick Coffee Break Chat with Simon...

BioPharMoore Episode 9: Modern IC, the USP and Me

In this episode Dr Rowan Moore interviews Gemma Ellison, Europe Regional Marketing Manager for ion chromatography (IC) to find out how Thermo Fisher Scientific's modern ion chromatography (IC) solutions align with the USP monograph modernization init...

IC-MS for Water Safety

Hear from Federico Dall-Acqua about how Italy's Veritas uses IC-MS to detect highly polar pesticides and haloacetic acids in water.

Introduction to AppsLab Library

AppsLab Library is an online collection of chromatography applications, where you can search, view, and download complete methods for immediate execution in Chromeleon CDS.

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