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TriPlus RSH Sampling Workflow Editor

Explore the user interface of the TriPlus RSH Sampling Workflow Editor and learn how to compose an automated sample preparation workflow.The Sampling Workflow Editor has two different working modes: online and offline.The online mode allows the conne...

Become a Real Life Super Hero in the Lab

Make your manager happy and at the same time your lab life easier using the new Thermo Scientific ISQ7000 Single Quadrupole GC-MS. Automated method development, easy maintenance and validation, from software to hardware; this analyst makes her boss h...

Launch @ Dioxin Conference 2016 of the Thermo Scientific DFS GC-HRMS DualData XL Discover the Gold Standard in Productivity for Dioxins and POPs

Dr. Mehlmann presents the option for doubled performance for your Dioxins and POPs analysis: the Thermo Scientific DFS GC-HRMS DualData XL is the solution of choice, for any high performance lab seeking reliability and productivity.

Redefining Routine GC-MS

Discover how the latest developments in Orbitrap GC-MS technology can revolutionize a range of food safety applications in routine laboratories.

TraceFinder - Data Analysis

The analysis workspace is designed to be thorough and customizable. There are three unique ways to view data: sample by sample, compound by compound or the comparative view for looking at controls.

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