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Meet our scientists - Xiaolei Xie

Scientific Advocate II
Scientific Advocate II
My name is Xiaolei Xie, I’m a scientist in the Clinical Marketing Application Team. My daily job responsibility is to develop LCMS methods for clinical research and forensic toxicology applications. The LCMS technology is really amazing, it can very accurately measure the molecular weight of the molecules to three or four figures after the decimal point. So using this technology you have a good idea what you have and how much you have in biological samples. We have been using Q Exactive Focus MS to develop methods used for clinical research and forensic toxicology applications. The reason we use this technology is because people used to use amino acid technology to quantify Vitamin D, but the problem for amino acid technology is that it cannot differentiate D2 from D3 and actually these two Vitamin Ds have two different biological functions. And also we can separate epi-Vitamin D3 from D3 using liquid chromatography column. So using this technology, Q Exactive Focus MS, we can quantify these three analytes easily, using a very simple method. That’s the beauty of the LCMS technology. I can see this technology has been improved in last 10 years. And what I can say, in the future, is that the mass spectrometer can be smaller, which can save space for customers. I’m proud to be part of Thermo Fisher Scientific because I think we are doing the right thing to make the world healthier and cleaner and safer.
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