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High Resolution ICP-MS for the Semiconductor Industry

Team TFS
Team TFS
JKC is using a variety of inorganic analysis equipment such as ICP-OES, ICP-MS and HR-ICP-MS. In line with the recent trend of the semiconductor industry, JKC is focusing on high purity chemical production and detects metal elements of lower concentrations. Challenges of interferences arising from microanalysis are overcome by using High Resolution ICP-MS in clean room environment. The advantages of Element 2 HR-ICP-MS are flexibility with little or no matrix influence and robustness with the same results for long-term use. Analyses using the HR-ICP-MS with the magnetic sector can solve most interference problems, so the analysis mode known as cold plasma is not required, and the purity of polymeric materials such as photo register and stripper used in the semiconductor process can be accurately measured. Elements such as K, Fe, and Ca can be analyzed for a long time without affecting the interaction. Learn more.
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