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HR-ICP-MS at the MEET Battery Research Center

Team TFS
Team TFS
Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology (MEET) is a battery research center at Münster University. It comprises an international team of around 140 scientists who are working on the research and development of innovative electrochemical energy storage devices with high energy density, longer durability and maximum safety. The aim is to improve batteries for use in electric cars and stationary energy storage systems – at the lowest possible cost.
Sascha Nowak is the head of division analytics and environment. For high resolution setup, a combination of identification and quantification, he chose the Thermo Scientific™ Element XR™ High Resolution ICP-MS.
MEET is focusing on lithium ion batteries for electro mobility and stationary storage systems, developing new materials which will provide a longer life-time for lithium ion batteries. Most of the aging parts in the electrolyte are organic based compounds. The conducting salt is based on lithium hexa flourophosphate. With High Resolution ICP-MS, they can now access the analyte of interest: phosphorus. When coupling the HR-ICP-MS to chromatography system, they can also quantify unknown compounds. These unknown compounds are important when analyzing how different reaction or aging mechanisms are taking place inside the electrolyte: Are they depending on the temperature? Or on the voltage of the system? With the higher resolution they can easily separate the analyte from the interference matrix. With only one switch, they have access to a clean spectra - to analyze the compound without any interference.
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