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Team TFS
Team TFS
With classical method you analyze carbonate samples in the lab. You would use a mass spectrometer combined with a carbonate device. This is the gold standard for carbonate analysis and produces perfect results from small samples. In the lab you will find out if your sampling site was good. To push the limits of carbonate measurements, you can now bring your lab equipment along to the sampling site. The isotope ratio infrared spectrometry (IRIS) is portable and analyzes your samples wherever you are: in the cave, on the boat, in the car... wherever you are! Analyze delta 13 C and delta 18 O data from air, water, carbonate, DIC, and bulk carbonate samples – immediately in the field. Optimize your trip. Measure your DIC and carbonate samples on-site and in real-time. Only bring extremely small and accurate samples to the lab. Learn more.
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