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Fast, Accurate and Direct Carbohydrate Analysis Using HPIAE-PAD

Team TFS
Team TFS
HPAE-PAD provides sensitive, direct determination without sample derivitization for carbohydrate analysis. Direct detection saves time, money, prevents exposure to hazardous chemicals and eliminates the generation of hazardous chemical waste. One system can determine oligosaccharides, monosaccharides, sialic acids, mannose-6-phosphate, galactose sulfate, and other carbohydrates including released glycans and sialic acids.  It’s the best method for charged oligosaccharides, especially high charged (i.e. highly sialylated) with no sialic acid loss. The same system determines O-linked and N-linked glycans. HPAE-PAD is also orthogonal to other techniques for oligosaccharide analysis. Learn more about this derivatization- free chromatography technique for carbohydrate analysis.
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