Take control of your instruments and analysis using Chromeleon CDS -- Video shows how

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Chromeleon CDS 'how-to' videos – Taking control of your instruments and analysis

Team TFS
Team TFS

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The Thermo Fisher Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) software delivers rich, intelligent functionality with operational simplicity. Its user interface is thoughtfully designed to guide you naturally through your chromatography journey. Check out these how-to videos and stay tuned to AnalyteGuru for more topics like this. 


Video #1: How to get immediate access to data (a console overview) 


In a chromatography data system, it can be a challenge to quickly find the functions you need, like controlling instruments, modifying sequences or starting new analyses. Chromeleon CDS’s intelligent user interface provides instant access to instruments, data and eWorkflows, without the need for training. See how easy it is. 


Video #2: How to use instrument categories 


One click on the Instruments category bar will immediately display all instruments accessible to the user, and automatically generate a set of live control panels (ePanels) for the selected instrument and will provide comprehensive controls for each instrument, including Smart Startup, launching of eWorkflow procedures and monitoring detector baselines. See how you can immediately access your instruments. 


Video #3: How to use customizable ePanels 


Customizable ePanels provide a consistent look and feel for all your chromatography instruments. The most common controls are available via the home panel tab, while more advanced settings can be accessed from module-specific ePanels. Interactive ePanels give you direct control and immediate feedback from your instruments. See how they work. 


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Chromeleon CDS for Operational Simplicity

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