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Thank our UC Berkeley panelists for their insight - they were so kind to share knowledge!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Help us break the ice and give a shout-out to our panelists. Feel welcome to let them know what you learned from the discussion. What a fun way to get up to speed with networking online! @Siri_TFS @AudreyLBooher 

Discussion on collaboration, communication, and community from students at University of California,... 


Involved Contributor
Involved Contributor

Thank you for organizing and hosting Molly. This was fantastic. You ladies are all wonderful humans. You have accomplished so many things and I know you will contribute so many great things in the future. You are all strong, compassionate, demonstrate great leadership, and are so intentional about what you are doing and where you want to go. I just want to encourage you to keep being awesome. I can see you all value diversity and are very inclusive in all you do and I can’t highlight the importance of this type of perspective in all we do. Thank you so much, this was amazing!!! 😊

@Ay-Ay-Ron it was our pleasure to have you join us today. Thank you for the kind words, your commentary will mean so much to our guest panelists and mean so much to our team that worked on the event. Thank you. 

Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so happy you were able to join us. 

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