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Riddle Day 6 - What is more excitable than pi electrons during the month of December?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Some reading below for you on pi-electrons and chromatography. Put any guess to answer the riddle in the comments section, and feel welcome to subscribe to "Riddle Challenge" for updates. Can you be the one to unravel the puzzle?



Yesterday's Riddle Spoiler Below - Take a look. Did you know the answer? 

🍪 🥛 🎅 Riddle Day 5 Answer Below - Which area of analytical science and research is Santa Claus most versed in?

Carbohydrate Analysis 🍪🍬🍫🍰

The community is filled with resources on analyzing food, beverage, and carbohydrates. We recommend searching first, here is an example!  Three Simple Ways to Optimize HPAE-PAD Performance for More Confident Carbohydrate Analysis (analyte...

Holiday Riddles

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