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Riddle Day 11 - What did the mass spectrometer say to the gas chromatograph under the mistletoe?

Community Manager
Community Manager

We realize, you may just be searching for a small tip to help make your work easier. The community is filled with resources we’ve compiled for this reason and also want our members to recognize that the doors are open for you to ask for more. If you have a question, we will assure it has been placed into the best fit category to get you the help you need.

Here is a nice blog on preparing GC GCMS calibration standards manually: Why still prepare GC calibration standards manuall... - AnalyteGuru  Have you placed a question in the GC forum yet? Try it out, we are her to converse with you daily. 


🎄 🎅 Riddle Day 1- Answer: What does Santa Claus use for a chimney in the laboratory?

Usually the fume hood 😃


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