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Riddle 2: Why do analytical chemists love to burn holiday candles?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to day 2 of the 12-day Riddle Challenge! Get a festive profile badge just for participating. Answer all 12  and be eligible for a holiday ornament (while supplies last). Good luck!

Today's riddle is Why do analytical chemists love to burn holiday candles? 

Check back here tomorrow for the answer.



GeorgeTFS_0-1638885037052.png  Answer to Riddle 1 : What do Santa Claus and an Orbitrap have in common?

They don’t make a lot of noise when completing their work!

Learn more about the Orbitrap and unwrap this post:
The New Orbitrap Exploris MX Mass Detector Debuts at ASMS 2021 (


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Team TFS
Team TFS

They love to observe and conduct chemical reactions (combustion of wax with oxygen)

Community Manager
Community Manager

@DanielEttlin - We'd love to see you try all 12 😃 I know you can get this one!

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Involved Contributor II

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