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Day 9 Riddle - What is the ion chromatographers favorite holiday animal?

Community Manager
Community Manager

When taking a break from analyzing anions and cations, the holidays bring our scientists cheer in many shapes and forms. One thing remains certain, ion chromatographers think this animal is fitting for the holiday season. Can you guess what it is? Just a few challenges left. Feeling festive yet?


🎊   Day 8 Spoiler - 

Which analytical technique celebrated it’s “Five Golden Rings” this year?

If you haven't already heard, ion chromatography celebrated it's 50th year. The technology and the science has advanced beyond measure. We are so proud of all the work our partners do in this field, here is a fun read about the milestone: Celebrating the Golden Anniversary of Ion Chromatography (

Holiday Riddles



Team TFS
Team TFS


This is so funny @paulette_parker - Great guess. Why didn’t we think of this? 

Involved Contributor II
Involved Contributor II

Charlie is a good answer indeed! It will work for us whilst we are having holidays

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