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Day 4 Riddle Challenge: What is Santa Claus’s favorite element?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Day 4 brings a riddle about Santa Claus and his favorite element, might you know the answer? We all know his favorite food 🍪, that's just too easy! While considering analysis of elements, we have plenty of content within the community for you. If seeking scientific knowledge, try the search to find what you need. Linked here is an example article that might be helpful in getting you started: An ICP-MS Expedition through the Elements – Part 3 - AnalyteGuru

Don't forget, the forums are available for you to let us know what else you might have questions about. We welcome any question at any time!


🎄☃️ Riddle Day 3 Answer (Santa is watching so, he knows if you've been peeking 😃

Answer below. Which nickname did the analytical chemist give to the melted snowman?

Mr. Universal Solvent 🚰

Holiday Riddles


Team TFS
Team TFS

Holmium!  Ho Ho Ho 

@paulette_parker Very clever and festive.

Involved Contributor II
Involved Contributor II

Ho Ho Holmium of course, and mother Santa is He...He Helium

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